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Financial advice and management for families considering life transitions

KBH Financial helps Grandparents and families considering or facing life transitions. Whether you want to help your grandchildren build a financial foundation for the future, you want to start your children’s inheritance early or you need some help with your personal care and estate plans, we’re here to help. We help these families because we are one of these families.


If there were a rapid shift in health or mobility for you or a loved one, what might be different?


We specialize in no medical insurance solutions for people who might have underlying health conditions.


Our priority is security and growth with a plan

Learn How To Help Your Grandchildren For As Little As $50 A Month!

How To Help Your Grandchildren Build A Solid Financial Foundation For The Future

Think about how your grandchild might feel before their first big financial decisions. They might be afraid, nervous, anxious or concerned about their future. We have all been there. What a feeling of relief you could provide them so that instead they are feeling relieved, eager to get going and incredibly thankful. That can be powerful.

Grandparents are often eager to shower their grandchildren with gifts, toys, clothes and money. As a Grandparent you may also be able to play an instrumental role in providing financial gifts that perhaps may be out of the reach to your Grandkids’ parents.

Book a free Zoom or phone call that will help you explore the options available to you here in Canada so you can leave your grandchildren a legacy that could last their entire lives.

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